Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blue Badge Tourist Guide?

Blue Badge Guides are trained under the auspices of The Institute of Tourist Guiding, which accredits training courses throughout England. Most training courses for guides last for at least two academic terms and some, e.g. London, last for nearly two years.

What is included in the daily guiding fee?

The services of your private Blue Badge Tourist Guide plus all local taxes and relevant insurance. Additional charges will be agreed with you regarding vehicle hire, entrance fees and refreshments.

Are your tours public tours, can I join one?

All our tours are bespoke, just to suit you.

Where do I meet the guide?

We offer a door to door service. You guide will come to your hotel or you can meet at a pre-arranged venue to suit you.

How will I recognise the guide?

Once you have booked you will be sent emergency contact details of your guide along with a photo. All guides will be wearing their Blue Badges.

How good is the disabled access?

We work closely with you to assess each site you wish to visit during the planning phase of your tour itinerary to ensure that you are given every possible assistance.





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