Shore Excursion from Dover – example itinerary 1

A quick dip into English history and culture through the ages. The tour includes visiting Canterbury Cathedral, mother church of Anglicanism and an opportunity to discover the Roman and medieval history of the city of Canterbury.

Then driving though English countryside in the Garden of England to see a traditional English village and onwards to the eponymous town of Sandwich to visit the beautiful Salutation House with its Secret Gardens. Explore the winding streets of this ancient town one-time home to Thomas Paine of Rights of Man fame.

Time for lunch at a typically English pub, then a stop in at Walmer Castle, home of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports for a quick brush with royalty, dukes, battles and gardens, then return to Dover for a photo opportunity at Dover Castle. Two thousand years of history in just one day!

This Shore Excursion has been designed in a circular fashion so that you are never  travelling along the same roads twice. From lunchtime onwards the route is heading back towards Dover so there is no possibility of your ship leaving without you!