Olympic Legacy

The Olympic & Paralympic Games  in 2012 provided the world  with a very exciting summer and the legacy they left will remain for generations. Take a tour of the Olympic venues and see for yourself how an area east of London has been transformed.
A neglected industrial waste-ground suffering from an earlier industrial age when stewardship of the land was not a priority, has been regenerated into an environmentally clean urban space.

A toxic marsh area has been transformed into 250 acres of leisure, living and working space.

This is re-generation in a form and scale not previously seen and will challenge your pre-conceptions of the London East End for years to come.

Below are the Royal Docks nearby to the Olympic Park which may have worked as a catalyst for the Olympic Vision. You can tour the area contrasting ancient history with modern interpretations to see how a truly great city continually re-invents itself.





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